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Heartworm Disease: Your Pet’s Deadly Enemy
Heartworms are one of the most dangerous parasites for both dogs and cats. Mosquitoes transmit infection that may lead to the development of adult worms in the heart and lungs. Common signs of heartworm infection in dogs can include fatigue, coughing and weight loss. Heartworm disease is becoming more common in many parts of the United States. Failure to treat heartworm disease may result in heart failure and/or serious disease of the liver and kidneys. Untreated heartworm disease is usually fatal.

Heartworm Testing:
Heartworm testing is important. The American Heartworm Society recommends periodic testing for all dogs, including those already on a preventative. We recommend testing pets annually. Our heartworm test is an in-house test that requires a very small blood sample. It not only detects heartworm but also tests for E. Canis and Lyme Disease which are tick borne diseases.

Cats & Heartworm Disease:
Heartworm prevention in cats is just as important as dogs. Unlike canine heartworm disease, 1 or 2 worms can cause serious or even fatal disease in cats. Common signs of heartworm disease in cats can include coughing, difficulty breathing, vomiting and even sudden death. There is no testing or treatment for a cat diagnosed with heartworm disease, but it is easily prevented with Revolution.

Heartworm Prevention is Key:
Treating adult heartworm infection in dogs can be difficult and costly – yet prevention is simple. There are several products available for heartworm prevention. We recommend and carry Revolution for both cats and dogs. In dogs, Revolution not only prevents Heartworm Infection, it also prevents and controls Flea Infestations, treats and controls Ear Mites and Sarcoptic Mites and controls American Dog Tick infestations. In cats, Revolution prevents heartworm as well as treats roundworm, hookworm, fleas and ear mites.

There are several additional types of heartworm, flea and tick preventatives.


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