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Every day our doctors and staff get asked questions by caring pet owners wanting to know more about our clinic and how to best take care of their pets. We’ve made this FAQs list to include questions that we get about pets as well as questions that we get about our pet clinics. Have a question you don’t see below? Give any of our veterinary clinics a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. ​​Click on any of the links below to learn more!

About Our Hospital (1)

Genoa Animal Hospital is located at 703 Pearson Drive Genoa Illinois 60135


Veterinary Health Care (1)

A veterinary technician is trained to assist veterinarians in caring for pets. These professionals perform many of the same tasks that a nurse would for a doctor. Veterinary technicians have received extensive training, either in accredited programs or on the job. Responsibilities vary among clinics, but the basic duties remain the same. For instance, technicians collect patient samples, perform lab tests, assist during patient exams and dental cleanings, and take x-rays. Senior techs also train and mentor other staff members. Some technicians work in research facilities or for manufacturers.

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