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Canine Influenza Vaccination

Genoa Animal Hospital is currently recommending that ALL dogs be vaccinated for Canine Influenza (otherwise known as the dog flu).
The following are the reasons for this change in vaccine recommendation:

  1. The virus is highly contagious and can explosively move through a community.
  2. One strain of the infection will infect cats as well as dogs.
  3. ALL dogs that are infected will develop some level of lung disease.
  4. Protection against bacteria is compromised leading to potentially severe secondary bacterial infections. These infections can be very expensive to treat and can lead to death in some cases.
  5. If we can get at least 70% of the dog in our area vaccinated, then a community outbreak can be prevented.
  6. The greater Chicago area is a current “HOTBED” for the virus.


Vaccination protocol:

  1. Your dog will need an initial series of 2 vaccinations given 2-3 weeks apart to provide initial protection.
  2. Yearly revaccination is required.
  3. Vaccination may not prevent illness, but will have many benefits.
    1. Vaccination will decrease clinical disease.
    2. This can be potentially lifesaving.
    3. This can greatly decrease treatment costs.
    4. Vaccination will decrease virus shedding and transmission.
    5. Vaccination will decrease virus levels in the lung and therefore decrease lung disease.


Protect your dog today by vaccination against Canine Influenza

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